Biden’s Electoral Victory and the Rebirth of Hope

Photograph by the author (from my iPhone)

Vice President Joe Biden’s address to the DNC, August 20, 2020. Image by Gaje Kidmore/Flikr.

How could an American political convention succeed in stirring the hearts and minds of voters, and create commitment to the party’s vision, without the familiar large-scale theatricals we have become used to as part of our political culture?

“End White Silence’ Demonstration, June 4, 2020. (Photograph by Mary Martin DeShaw. Used by permission.)

George Floyd protest, Oakland, CA May 29, 2020. Photograph by David Odisha (Shutterstock). Used by Permission.

There’s Nothing New About All This

Source: The Royal Family

The Queen’s Speech

Cars idle in front of houses in the hills east of San Francisco Bay during Coronavirus Shelter at Home (Photograph by Karine Schomer)

A Quiet Suburban Neighborhood in California

We’re a long way from…

Shelter in Place during the Coronavirus
Sheltering in Place at Home | Image by (with permission)

Time to get serious about the 2020 U.S. elections

Don’t fall into the lazy trap of bathing passively in daily outrage at President Trump’s latest horror, or consoling yourself…

Wild pampas grass waving in the warm October wind of California. Photograph by Karine Schomer.
Wild pampas grasses waving in the dry fall wind. California, October 2019. Photograph by Karine Schomer.

Karine Schomer

I explore the worlds of society, politics, culture, history, civilizations, language, life lessons— wherever curiosity takes me.

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